Monday, June 29, 2009

Is it really almost July?!?

It happens to be 63 degrees and rainy here today. That is NOT summer weather in my opinion. I can’t believe the 4th of July is on Saturday- hopefully it’ll be nice enough to spend some time outside.

While my parents were visiting us we had one day of nice weather where the sun showed up for us. The rest of the days were cool and rainy, much like today. Not the ideal weather conditions for enjoying the attractions that northern New Hampshire offers.

On the last day they were here, the sun came out and the temperature rose so we headed out to the falls to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine.

IMG_3926Brendan led the way most of the time with Grandpa. The trail was much muddier this time because of all the rain we’ve had lately but luckily Grandpa prevented any major disasters.

IMG_3941Enjoying the view with Grandma.

IMG_3943The falls were much stronger than the last time we went thanks to a very wet and rainy summer so far.

IMG_3949I love this trail. It’s so pretty along the way.

IMG_3958We even found a spot to take off our shoes and dip our feet in the cool water.

IMG_3983The rest of their visit was spent being silly, Brendan’s favorite activity. He loves to put underwear on his head.

IMG_3914  There was plenty of time to play with his new trains. My parents spoiled Brendan much to his delight. They fell into the trap of taking him to the toy section of Wal-Mart, where he proceeded to grab every Thomas train in sight.

IMG_3987Brendan loved reading with Grandpa. Those two were the best of buds.

IMG_3915  He got to make a cake with Grandma and lick the spoon. What kid doesn’t love doing that?

IMG_3980 Hands down, this is the best photo I got all week. Brendan loved playing on the air mattress (of course) and one night he happened to be naked while jumping on it. My dad grabbed one of Brendan’s sticky hands and smacked his little buns with it. Brendan loved it. He kept sticking out his butt for Grandpa to get him with the sticky hand. It was quite hilarious. Good times.

We miss my parents but are so glad they came to visit. And a big thanks for educating me on my garden (I have slugs eating all my poor plants!)- hopefully I’ll still get a small crop of tomatoes and beans. Come back soon. Brendan demands it.


  1. Awesome butt pic of Bren-Bren!

  2. LOL. That picture with Brendan on the mattress is hilarious!

  3. Scott Pot really did LOL when he saw that picture! It is the funniest picture ever!