Sunday, July 5, 2009

Cruel, Cruel Summer

The weather this summer has been the worst ever. It has rained 9 days out of the last 10 with high temperatures barely getting to 70 on a good day. Egads, this is NOT what summer is supposed to be like.

IMG_3999 But in good news, Brendan started preschool this week and loves it. Chris had this past week off of work so he was able to see Brendan off on his first day. I’m excited for my little boy to make lots of friends and learn lots of new things. And it’s incredibly nice to have 6 hours a week to myself even though I have NO idea what to do during those 6 hours. I’ll think of something though.

IMG_4038On the eve of the Fourth, we hit the local carnival that was in town. Look at those lovely clouds. It rained on and off the whole time we were there, which admittedly wasn’t long since the weather was so crappy. But we stayed long enough for Brendan to realize that he loves carnivals.

IMG_4014 Chris took him down the giant slide. I wasn’t too sure how Brendan was going to handle it…

IMG_4016But I shouldn’t have been surprised that he loved it. He would have gone down that slide all night if we’d have let him. Luckily we found other ways to distract him.

IMG_4021Like riding in a ginormous bee. Brendan was a little scared at first but once we really started going, he loved it. 

IMG_4034Brendan couldn’t contain his joy and excitement, so when we weren’t on a ride he would just run around Chris in a circle. The boy moves fast.

IMG_4035People were walking by chuckling at my little guy’s excitement. It probably didn’t help that he had just eaten half of my fried dough which I had covered with cinnamon and powdered sugar.

And then he enjoyed a batch of Cotton Candy on the ride home. He was all sugared up but surprisingly still went to bed without a peep from him.

IMG_4050For Independence Day, we had another round of thunder storms so we mostly stayed inside and were lazy. We did fire up our grill and enjoyed some delicious burgers. Brendan had fun arranging his burger, putting on about 5 onion slices and loads of ketchup. But in the end, he decided just to eat the bun. I’m just glad he ate something since he still tends to be a very picky eater.

Hopefully the weather finally starts acting like it’s summer and we can get a chance to spend some time outside. My legs are in dire need of a tan and Brendan still has some adorable swim trunks to show off.


  1. First of all, the picture of the carnival is awesome! I love it! Secondly, I have never considered that Maddy might be the right age for preschool. I'm going to look into that because six hours sounds suspiciously like heaven. Lastly, the weather around here has been crazy too. But since I hate hot weather, it's been kinda nice. Hope he gets to show off his swimming trunks soon though!

  2. Brendan looks so big with backpack on!!