Friday, July 17, 2009

30 Years and One Cool Outing

IMG_4145 Today was a VERY special day indeed. Chris celebrated his 30th birthday and Brendan got to meet Thomas the Tank Engine. Chris was kind enough to share his day with Brendan so we spent the day out in the hot sun at the North Conway Scenic Railroad, pushing our way through swarms of small children and trying to prevent Brendan’s temper tantrums.



It all began with a 20 minute train ride with Thomas. This was Brendan’s first time on a train and he was so excited! As we were walking back to our train car, he kept pushing me in the butt trying to get me to walk faster.

IMG_4108He was such a good boy and loved hearing the train blow its whistle- he was a pro at showing off his “choo choo” skills.

IMG_4124 We were lucky to sit in the only air-conditioned car so we were quite comfortable during the trip.

IMG_4147 This is the best shot we could get with Thomas without paying  a ridiculous amount of money for a teenager with a camera to snap a crappy picture. So we just snuck off to the side and used the money we saved to buy some delicious burritos later that made for a great birthday lunch.

IMG_4158 I also had a heart attack when we entered the merchandise tent. The prices were at least double what you would pay in the store- and people were going crazy buying shirts and hats and trains left and right. It was insane. We saw a collapsing bridge set that would have been very cool but it was $50 for FOUR pieces of plastic… we didn’t buy it.

IMG_4163 The nice part about this event was that they had lots other activities for kids- like the bouncy house. Brendan wanted me to alert the grandparents to Brendan’s wish of owning his own bouncy house. He loved it but got overwhelmed when there were lots of kids inside, so he would like his very own personal one.

IMG_4177 The even had a kid size maze. We may need to build our own in our backyard because Brendan LOVED it. Who knew that running around and getting lost in hay would be so cool to him?

We were exhausted at the end of the afternoon. We’ve had a laidback birthday bash with an awesome steak dinner (grilled by yours truly) and an even more awesome ice cream pie.

IMG_4095 And we’re ending the the birthday bash with band practice by playing Rock Band all night long. Tomorrow, the celebrations continue with a night out on the town (without Brendan!) and a mini-golf tournament. Anyone who knows Chris knows that he is a mini golf enthusiast and his birthday would not be complete without playing a round. Thanks to all the friends and family who called Chris on his special day. We wish you were all here to help us celebrate but now you have plenty of time to plan a trip out to Northern New Hampshire for next year!


  1. I love that you went to Day Out with Thomas!! You guys are such fun parents. I think Eli would love it. Someday maybe we'll take both boys...

    And I think a bounce house just for Brendan sounds pretty cool. I'm sure the grandparents are getting right on that request... :)

  2. Hey Valerie - long time no talk, I love your blog - I can't believe how big Brendan is - it looks like you guys had a great time on the train - Talen would have gone ape crazy over that - lucky kid - you and Chris are such cute parents - we miss you.

  3. Your blog has gotten so much better since you got the Rebel. I used to read the blog and just think to myself, "These pictures are so bland. When are they going to get a real camera?"

    Now as I read, I am always impressed at how the colors pop and the picture is so crisp and sharp.

    I also like how yours is the only blog I read with pictures that have rounded corners. It reminds me of photographs from the early 80s. (Honestly, though, yours is one of the only blogs I read.)

    I also wonder why Valerie is not listening to All Things Considered right now.

  4. Thanks, Zach. I'm glad you like the rounded corners. As to why I'm not listening to ATC right now? Well, that's easy. It's because after hearing Chris recording in our basement over and over and over, I tend to need a break. Variety is the spice of life, right?