Saturday, July 25, 2009

Sorry, no photos or anything else exciting

Just popping in to say sorry for being absent for a week and most likely we'll still be MIA for a few more days. Brendan has come down with some kind of nasty virus and I have had to clean up way more puke than I would like. After being thrown up on several times and doing load after load of dirty smelly laundry while being sleep deprived, I'm not up to posting anything substantial. Plus, I have to teach in RS tomorrow and I've been freaking out for the last week over that. Teaching is not one of my talents. Here's to hoping that Brendan can kick his fever once and for all so we can get back to normal around here and resume regular posting.


  1. Feel better soon Brendan. Tia Gloria says hola. You will do a fine job teaching Val!

  2. Your post makes me curious - how much puke would you like to clean up?

    Do you measure it in volume? # of incidents? Surface area of the floor? # of towels?

    Thank you for not posting "photos or anything else exciting."

  3. I hope your lesson went well today. I've been thinking about you and miss you a lot! Give Brendan a get-well hug for me.