Friday, July 10, 2009

O Glorious Day!

FINALLY, a day with sun, few clouds and temperatures over 75! It is so nice to have a real summer day again; I’ve really missed summer. It’s my favorite season and this year I’ve been jipped so far. But today was such a nice day, I’m starting forget the horrible weather we’ve been having although it’s supposed to be back this weekend. So we’re taking advantage of the nice weather while it lasts.

IMG_4061After spending a long morning at the park, we headed back home for a snack and then right back outside to our garden. Maybe “garden” isn’t the right word. Because of our lame weather, my carrots never sprouted. Neither did the cucumbers. My zucchini were eaten by bugs within 3 days. Only one of my tomato plants survived the slugs. So all we have in our garden are bean plants and one sad tomato plant. And LOTS of weeds. but I blame that on the rain since it’s been too soggy and wet to get out in my garden and do much weeding.

IMG_4065See my bean plants behind Brendan? They’re starting to get tall!

IMG_4068This is all my little helper did while in the garden today. He had a good time and at least it prevented him from running around and stomping on my surviving plants.

IMG_4073This little boy is just too cute. I couldn’t stop taking pictures.

IMG_4077 And while my garden has been somewhat of a failure, at least the raspberry bush is doing great! It’s fun to go out every few days and check on their progress. They are finally starting to turn red little by little. I can’t wait.

IMG_4074 This was one of the only times he stopped what he was doing to look at the camera and smile. Then it was back to doing what boys do best- collecting rocks and throwing them.

IMG_4084I tried to get him to sit on the porch and let me take a few nice photos of him but, as you can tell, he wasn’t having any of that. And now it is nap time! This has been a great day.

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  1. that last picture is my favorite. I feel like that most days but am not brave enough to show it on the outside.