Tuesday, January 26, 2010

And all the rest

Here are the last of the pictures from our Christmas visit to Chicago, in no particular order.  I’m feeling extra lazy tonight.IMG_5866 We took Brendan sledding but unfortunately it was –10 degrees with the wind chill so it wasn’t as enjoyable as we hoped.


IMG_5781 - Copy This is how we got through our flight- SpongeBob on the dvd player. Brendan was so well-behaved it was shocking.


Getting to open presents for the second time that day was super exciting for Brendan, especially since he got more Thomas trains and tracks. He was in toddler heaven.

IMG_5815 This was a small miracle- the only other time that Brendan has willingly laid down on our laps was when he was extremely sick, so we were shocked when he snuggled up to Chris. That’s how tired her was after chasing Sam the cat around the house all day.

In other cat news, my parents found out that their other cat, Oso, has anxiety problems that was most likely caused by Brendan’s visit. No joke. The poor cat and my poor parents. I just hope Oso doesn’t have to go on medication for it (seriously).

IMG_5838 It just wouldn’t be Christmas without baking with Grandma.



IMG_5846 The best was getting sample the goods before they baked, except that Brendan proceeded to put that spoonful on the baking sheet after licking it.


And of course we had to have an early birthday celebration. Brendan had a hard time blowing out the candle and it was so funny to watch him try so hard.

IMG_5930 He couldn’t wait to dig into the cake.

IMG_5935 At least he shared though.


IMG_5951 And he even helped with the dishes. Playing in the sink is still one of Brendan’s favorite activities.

Since our trip, I’ve taken my camera out of its case exactly one time, so I don’t really have anything new to share. I seem to have lost my drive to take lots of photos and blog about them but I’m sure that will change once the weather warms up and we can head outdoors again. I’m so ready for winter to be over!


  1. The first picture with your Dad and Brendan is so precious! I love the snowsuit!

  2. Yeah, I miss warmth. Thanks for the update. I always look forward to reading your blog. Can you play with us this summer? I know it'll be expensive, but I just hope it can happen. Ah, the therapy of hanging out without kids! I need some of that!