Friday, January 1, 2010

Are You Ready for This?

Okay, I know I haven’t done any Christmas posts yet. There will be a giant post(s) about Christmas and all of our holiday activities but I’m not nearly done editing all the photos so that will have to wait. We recently got back from some vacation time in Chicago with my family and I’m procrastinating just a tiny bit.  Instead, I’ve been reminiscing about 2009. The past year was quite a wild ride for us and it’s amazing where life has taken us and how we’ve been able to grown and learn. Looking back, we’ve had many ups and downs but we’re still happily plugging along and I have the best two guys to get me through the tough times. Here are some of my favorite photographic mementos of 2009.

IMG_2872 Our first month in New Hampshire was filled with lots of snow and Brendan couldn’t have been more thrilled.



The night the house across the street from us went up in flames.

IMG_3081 Taking lots of road trips.

IMG_3557 And fun hotel stays while on those road trips.



Having grandparents come to visit us. We really wish we lived closer to family.

IMG_4099 Fulfilling Brendan’s life long dream of meeting Thomas the Tank Engine and enjoy a “Day Out with Thomas.” It was worth the outrageous price for tickets to see Brendan’s face.


Getting so hyped up on sugary fried dough at the local fair that Brendan could not stop running.



Enjoying fun summer activities…


…which includes trying to stick your head in a fountain and drink the water.

IMG_4652 Climbing New England’s tallest mountain, Mt Washington. Okay, we drove up the mountain but still, it was a very exhausting drive.

IMG_4804 Being surprised at how silly and funny my son is.





Trying to get Brendan to be still and smile in a picture for me, which almost always ended in tears.

IMG_5580-3 And being so happy to have my wonderful little family. 2009 wasn’t so bad after all.

Here’s the best 2010 possible.

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  1. Awesome pictures and recap of your year. I'm excited to see your Christmas photos! And I'm sad we missed you (though we've been in California all week, so we prob weren't both in Chicago at the same time.