Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Thoughts on Brendan now being 3

IMG_5972 It seems that Brendan has gained a newfound sense of attitude with being 3 years old. We now have church at 1:30 so we get home quite late in the afternoon, and Brendan was ready to eat his cake as soon as we walked in the door. Unfortunately Chris wasn’t home from his meetings yet so we had to wait and I told Brendan so. As soon as I turned my back, he grabbed a handful of cake right out of the pan. This seems to be a trend lately, where I tell him not to do something and he waits for me to be distracted before he does it anyway. I’ll be grateful when this phase is over and we’ve had many talks about his behavior.

IMG_5997 But the cake turned out okay. A little bit of frosting to fill in the gaping hole and it looked as good as new. I had high  hopes of creating some amazing cake design but when it came down to it, I just didn’t have the time (or the skill). So Brendan had to settle for a Hot Wheels fire truck on his cake as his decoration- and you know what? He loved it.

Along with Brendan’s new attitude, he’s also developed a very stubborn streak. He knows what he wants and refuses to budge. Take the cake for example. He got to pick out the flavor and for some bizarre reason, he picked out a spice cake. I tried to persuade him to pick chocolate or vanilla but he had to have the spice cake. And he loved it.

Brendan has also decided he’s old enough to call Chris by his first name now. It’s hilarious but I should probably try to curb this before it turns into a habit. I just can’t help but start laughing hysterically when Brendan shouts “CHRIS” from the other room, which is probably why Brendan does it so much.

And last but not least, after opening all his presents Brendan turned to Chris and plainly said, “More presents.” After having two Christmases (one with just our family and one with my parents), an early birthday party with my parents, and then finally a birthday celebration at our home, the boy has been on present overload. It seemed like everyday he was getting a gift and he didn’t want it to stop.

My little munchkin is developing quite the personality and it’s so funny to watch him act so grown up. And fun. And fulfilling. I’m a very lucky mom.



  1. Val I had to laugh when you said that Brendan calls his Dad by his name. Madeline has done that forever! She knows we have a baby monitor or that we can hear her because in the morning she says, "JOHN!! JOHN!" She also went through a phase of calling him "honey." LOL. It still makes me laugh so hard. You try not to encourage it, but it's just so funny and cute. (It's funny that they don't do it with their Mommy's names though huh? I asked Maddy what Mommy's name was and she said, Um...Mommy!) :)

  2. My sister in law was going through the same thing with her son and I happened to be visiting when a big event happened. She wanted him to help pick out a present for his friend's bday. But she later regretted it. All he wanted was that present and when my sister in law tried over and over to explain it wasn't for him he just threw a fit. She finally got him distracted long enough to wrap it but as soon as she turned her back he ripped open the present. She sent him to his room and just couldn't understand why everything had to be an argument and why he would go behind her back to get what he wanted. I am thinking this is not a coincidence that you two have similar experiences with raising boys. My guess is this is a phase...or a learning opportunity for him. I am still trying to learn that lesson--to wait for things I really want :)--like a hot boyfriend or four more cats!

    By the way, I love the cake!

  3. Can't believe our kids are three (well almost Hailey). My little girl is coming along with the SAME kind of attitude. Everyone said two was supposed to be tough, but I think three is going to give me a run for my money!
    Love that you let him have it his way for his birthday...that's awesome. Happy Birthday little guy!