Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Poor Sam

My childhood cat Sam deserves the Cat of the Year award because 1. He’s really old, 2. He’ll curl up next to you under a blanket and purr, and 3. He put up with Brendan for 5 days straight.

IMG_5792Brendan was just a tad obsessed with Sam while we were in Illinois. I knew he would be. The boy loves cats. I put a small book about kittens in his stocking and he likes to carry it around with him all the time. This is nothing new though. I just wasn’t sure if Sam would be up to dealing with a toddler but Sam was an angel in cat form and let Brendan chase him, pull his tail, brush his fur, hide his cat food, pull him around in a basket, and even try to smother him.

IMG_5887 Wherever Sam was, Brendan was sure to be as well. Brendan just couldn’t stay away and he was often wandering the halls of my parents’ house, calling “Sammy!” to try to lure him out of his napping spots.

IMG_5893 Brendan was so sweet with Sam sometimes that it just melted my heart. He could be gentle and soft and he even freely gave him kisses. He even got a piece of bread and brought it to Sam for a treat as he was sleeping under the Christmas tree.  He didn’t quite understand that cats don’t eat bread.

IMG_5905 Poor, poor Sam.

IMG_5906 Brendan thought it was the funniest thing ever to stick a duster in Sam’s face. I think Sam was having fun too.

IMG_5791 Brendan and Sam are now BFF’s and Brendan can’t wait to go back to see his buddy soon.


  1. That is the cutest thing ever! So adorable that Brendan loves Sam, and I am happy to hear that Sam is still alive and well (although a little traumatized). Love you Val!

  2. I love your updates, I feel bad for Sam, I want a cupcake, and our boys should be best friends.

  3. Those pictures are hilarious!! But so sweet that Brendan was trying to be Sam's friend.

    I loved your other recent posts too - I had good intentions of bringing treats to friends around the holidays, but life was so hectic and my kids seemed to keep getting sick, and I finally just gave up and decided I'd do better next year. I'm sorry your attempts were so frustrating, though the pictures are pretty funny.

  4. I miss Sammers :( But, I'm happy to see him and Brendan together, so sweet.

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