Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Why we didn’t give out Christmas goodies this year

I really did have every intention of making some treats to take to friends and neighbors but after a few mishaps, it didn’t happen. I would recommend that you stay away from the Betty Crocker Sugar Cookie mix since I thought that buying a mix would save me some time but the cookies were flavorless and hard as a rock so I ended up wasting my money.


Cupcakes were going to be a nice solution so I got everything together for Brendan to help me decorate them. It started out quite promising.

IMG_5670 He was very enthusiastic about it and even managed to not stick his fingers in the frosting (after I told him a few times to quit trying to eat the frosting off the cupcakes). The only problem was that he got a little overzealous with the sprinkles.


He had to bury the cupcakes in sprinkles. It wasn’t enough to just have a smattering of red and green on them. No, the cupcakes had to have mountains of sprinkles.

IMG_5679 Looks good, doesn’t it?

IMG_5687 I even had these adorable little Christmas tree toppers for the cupcakes. I had such high hopes of having cute treats to give out.

IMG_5690 But as you can see, the sprinkles were piled on so high that the trees barely stuck out. So I decided that these probably weren’t the best things to give to our friends and instead we ate them. And the best part- Brendan doesn’t even like sprinkles. He refuses to eat them. So we had to scrape off all the sprinkles and frosting before he would eat it. All that hard work for nothing!


  1. Brie Ann just walked up as I was reading your blog and saw the heavily sprinkled cupcakes and got so excited!! She thinks they are the greatest looking cupcakes ever! She and Brendan would make a good team! He sprinkle, she eat!

    xnn cccccccxnmnccccccnm-[ (in Brie Ann's word "Brendan, I am so jealous of your mad cupcake sprinkling skills!")