Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Labor Day? More like Barbecue-Guitar Hero-Fun-time Day

First of all, for Labor Day we went up to Johnny-B and Erin's place for a barbecue. The barbecue and company was great and all, but the most intriguing part of the day was that we discovered Valerie's hidden talent for playing Guitar Hero. Everyone that had never played it tried it out and pretty much stunk, then Valerie gets up and plays some Guns 'n Roses and nearly plays it perfect. Valerie truly is a guitar hero. Brendan was going to try it out after Valerie, but the guitar was literally on fire after she played it so hard.

So Labor Day was good. We thought it might become an In-Labor Day for Carrie as she is quite close to giving birth, but unfortunately we're still waiting. And I think now would be the appropriate time and place to announce that they just found out they are having a boy. Tune in next month to my next posting to see if I'm telling the truth or not.

Now Brendan (as you can tell from the above photo) really enjoyed his visit with his cousins and aunts and uncles. He got to play with Leila lots and he got to play with some keys that Aaron lent him. Brendan's new favorite thing is to eat keys or pretty much anything that is really dirty.

The bottoms of shoes are also a favorite; I think Valerie taught him that one.

So all in all the holiday was a nice break before school and work started up again. In fact, reality quickly set in for all of us when we got home and found out that our apartment had been flooded from our newly broken water heater. Fortunately, we have the most amazing manager that immediately took care our every need. Actually, our manager is completely incompetent and fixing everything will be an ongoing process that may well last into next year so stay tuned for updates over the next few months.

In closing, I've posted a picture of a shoe that Valerie is trying to sell. If there are any interested buyers out there please give us a call. Satisfaction guaranteed.
- End communication.

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  1. You are honestly one of the funniest writers I know or know of.

    So did you buy guitar hero? Are you any good at it or does your wife smoke you?

    What size is the shoe? I wear a twelve in men's, I am not sure what that would be if converted for women, but I like the look of the shoe. Does it come in a pair? It is beautifully photographed, too.