Sunday, September 9, 2007


Friday evening, we were invited to a birthday party for another little boy in our ward which took place at this really cool park in Orem. We'd never been there before but we really enjoyed it and I'm sure we'll be back soon. The best part was the swings. Brendan's first time in a swing and he loved it.

He's been a little cranky the past few days (due to more teeth coming in, I'm assuming) so I took him over the swings mostly to distract him from being whiny. It paid off. He was instantly in smiles and even giggled a few times for us.

These pictures turned out so cute and I just love the lighting from the setting end-of-summer sun. So precious and I really don't want the summer to end since I know these moments will now be fleeting and just as Brendan is really able to enjoy the outdoors. Ah well, there's still the fun of the snow to come in the winter, but we'll take all the warm days we can get now!

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  1. How cute! I hope he gets over his cold soon, so he can enjoy himself again.