Monday, June 25, 2007

About Chris for once

Since most of my posts relate to Brendan, I thought I'd switch things up on all of you and give you a little update on Chris.

This lovely red bike that's sitting in my living room is Chris' new bike! He sold his other one on Craig's List- which, next to ebay, is my favorite thing in the world! Then he found this sweet ride on Craig's list as well for dirt cheap and he couldn't pass it up. He and Brendan drove up to Sugar House to check it out and it turns out it's basically the bike he's been waiting for. This one is lighter and more equiped to do trials. The best thing about it, it cost less than what he sold his original bike for- so he made a profit! I hope the IRS isn't reading this.

Also noteworthy is Chris' new golf clubs. For Father's day, he picked out two hybrid clubs (from ebay so I could afford them) and he's hitting the ball really well with them. He plays about once a week so he's getting good use out of them, as well as honing his skills and getting an awesome farmer's tan. What a stud!

Other than that, it's the same old story at the Near house. We are enjoying the summer while Chris isn't in school and is able to be home with me and Brendan lots and lots.

Here's to summer!

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