Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The sniffles

Brendan has been sick the last few days and it just breaks my heart. This is his first real cold but luckily it really hasn't been that bad and he is such a trooper that he is still his same old sweet self. Other than being thoroughly annoyed by a runny nose, he is handling it quite well- which is a huge blessing since I tend to over-worry about the boy. Luckily no fever or it would have been a different story.

We've been using the bulb syringe like crazy trying to clean out his little nose. It is the saddest thing to hear him snorting and sniffling. At night when he wakes up, he makes these little whimpering sounds in between his sniffles. Poor Brendan, but hopefully his nose will start to clear up soon (I think it is starting to).

I put him down in his bouncer the other day and I looked down at him, and he looked so grown up! I snapped a picture because I couldn't believe how big he looked. He's turning into such a handsome little boy!

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