Wednesday, June 27, 2007


So I feel super crafty at the moment. I am proud to say that I busted out my sewing machine for the first time since before Brendan was born. I saw the cutest apron on another blog from the cutest girl who used to be in my ward. Luckily Angela still keeps in touch with her and had a link for it from her blog. So I was just looking around at the blog (I love finding new blogs- which is now my favorite pastime, surpassing eBay) and when I saw that apron, I had to make it too. I followed some links to various other blogs and got the instructions. Now, I am NOT very quick with a sewing machine so I was a little worried about my capabilities; luckily it was really quite easy. A friend from work, suggested a cute little fabric store and I was there that very evening picking out a cute mix of fabrics. After a few snags with the sewing machine (most of the disaster was adverted luckily with some smart help from my mom- thanks!), my apron was done. I love it!

I also made some cute little painted wooden blocks with some friends this past weekend. I'm very lucky to live downstairs from an amazing and inspiring craft goddess. She's so talented, it's almost sickening but I benefit because she invites me to these small "classes" she holds. She sets everything up, prepares all the wood (she even cuts them herself!) and the stencils, and I just show up to put it all together. I love these kinds of crafts because I don't have to think too hard or be in a super creative mood for it to work out- she's done all the hard stuff for me! But I love doing these kinds of things- I now vow to do more crafts on a regular basis. It was too fun and nothing beats the feeling of knowing that you made that with your own two hands. It's so satisfying!

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