Monday, June 4, 2007

Glad for Monday

I am glad it's Monday and that the weekend is over. I know, it sounds surprising but this weekend was a busy one and also a very tiring one. It all started with the task of making Brendan dark curtains for his room. His window gets a full blast of sunlight starting at around 5:45am, so to help him sleep a little longer (thus helping us to sleep longer as well!), I decided to make him dark curtains. Sewing is not an easy skill for me (yet but I hope to change that) so it took many measurements and calculations for me to get the project done. And some how, one curtain still ended up about an inch shorter than the other one. HOW this happenend, I do not know. I double checked everything and even ran it by Chris before I did anything and still I have uneven curtains. Oh well. At least his room is dark during the day for naps.

We also had a birthday celebration for our friend on Saturday and Sunday. After a few trips to the store, a location change and a missing birthday boy, we had a barbeque on Saturday at the park and we had a blast. Brendan had tons of fun with Hailey, who seems to enjoy him just as much. We enjoyed the food and company too, of course.

Sunday was also lots of fun even though our church now starts at 8:00am. It was tough getting there on time, but we did it! I should say I did it- Chris had early meetings so I got Brendan and myself ready all alone. And we still made it on time... amazing. I should note though that he was not very happy since it was right at nap time so he came to church in his jammies.

After church, we had Steph and Brent over for lunch since Brent was in town for a short visit from Vegas. It was really great to see them and Brendan loved having someone "new" to visit with. He just loves his aunt and uncle!

Then it was on to birthday dinner with the Lillywhites and Mitchells. I must say that waffles with strawberries and whipped cream might become a staple at our home now! Delicious! We love hanging out with them and Brendan even got to jump in the Lillywhites Johnny Jump Up. He had a grand ol' time in it; he even allowed us to eat without any protest from him! Afterwards, we enjoyed tasty frozen limeades and chocolate pie (thanks for the recipe Carrie! It was a hit!). Brendan was pooped out from all the festivities (literally) and he slept blissfully until 8:00am this morning. Ahh...

The end- phew!

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  1. Hey Val! Thanks for all your help on Saturday. And again I am sorry for all the hassle there was beforehand! You were a lifesaver