Sunday, June 24, 2007

Hot Hot Heat

Yesterday was about 100 degrees and our ward decided to have an outdoor activity at a local campground... at 4:00pm, almost the hottest part of the day, and the activity involved a camp fire. Did I mention it was at 4:00pm? I'm not sure what the thought process was on this activity but I'm glad we went. We love our ward and all the people there so it was fun to chat and eat. Plus, Brendan LOVES to be outside- he's so happy and giggly, so I'm happy as well. The picture above was taken at the activity and, as they say, "the proof is in the pudding." He was in such a sweet, smiling mood.
Brendan has also started to cuddle. Even when he was first born, he always liked to be looking around when I was holding him, and when he could hold up his head and use his neck muscles, his little neck was always turning as fast as he could make it. But just in the past few days, he decided that he likes to be held so he can rest his head on my shoulder or chest. I must say that I love it. He's such a squirmer most of the time- but I love that about him too. Now when he's winding down and getting tired, he'll simply rest his head and snuggle up. It really is the cutest thing in the whole world. I am way too lucky.

PS I love those chubby arms!!!!

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