Friday, November 30, 2007

Thaksgiving? This year it was mostly thanksgetting.

Here are a couple of pictures of Brendan with the Near Grandparents. For some reason we don't have any pictures of all three of them together. On the left is Brendan learning how to fly his first plane. It's a little remote control plane and Brendan is small enough we were going to try to attach him to the back of it and fly him around, but unfortunately the winds from the north were too hard and we couldn't get permission from the control tower. Maybe next time. By the way these pictures are from thanksgiving in Littleton, CO. Now, the picture on the right is Brendan being fed by his Grandma. Brendan likes to eat and Grandma likes to feed so they got along quite well on this trip.
So thanksgiving was a good time. A break from school for me and a break from work for Valerie. For Brendan it was a break from Utah, which he seemed to enjoy (Colorado is just better geographically, geologically, and in levels of radicalness. Sorry Utah. Oh, and Colorado's park system is light years ahead of anything Utah has). Moving on. The drive to Colorado is about 7-8 hours long. We were afraid Brendan was going to whine and be a terror the whole time. Valerie can also get cranky on these long drives. Anyway, Valerie suggested we get him a big boy front facing car seat. So we did and it worked. Valerie and Brendan were both very good on the drive. Brendan likes facing the front and he especially likes his seat which looks like a mini throne. It sits him up extremely high on lots of soft, meticulously crafted padding. It's lined with a majestic trim of a royal purple color, and it comes equipped with his own beverage holder which holds his bottles for about five seconds before he knocks it out onto the floor in a location impossible to reach while we're driving. The seat also reclines so that the Little Prince can nap comfortably when he so desires.

(This is me potty training Brendan).

While in Colorado my parents watched Brendan one night so that Valerie and I could go out. We went to the movies ($9.75 per ticket) and saw "Dan in Real Life." Here's my review: There were some funny parts, there were a couple of really funny parts, there were some not-so-funny parts, and there were some sad parts. All of that adds up to three stars which means I would recommend it.

In conclusion, Thanksgiving was fun. Brendan loved seeing his grandparents. Valerie and I had a nice break from our routine and things were good. The end.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

A very belated thank you

Time sure has been zipping right by (where did November go!?), so this is a little late but thanks to all those who wished me a very happy birthday (which was the 16th). I had a fabulous time with family and friends, and I couldn't have had a more wonderful birthday. You all made me feel extra special.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Box

It's funny how the most simple things make kids happy- like the large box from Brendan's new space heater. His room gets so cold at night and we'd like to be able to save a little bit of money on our gas bill, so we bought him a new heater. (The other oscillating heater we have kept disturbing his sleep when it kicked one) It keeps his room nice and toasty, and what's even better is that the box keeps him entertained for hours on end! It's so funny to watch him climb all over it and push it across the room. I seriously can't watch him without laughing. It's a good thing that laughter is supposed to be good for your health!

Rise and shout

The Cougars are out!
Last night we headed to the season opening game of BYU basketball and we had a blast. Chris was lucky enough to get 4 free tickets from his professor, and since we hate turning down free things (which is why Chris will get a sample of a veggie burger from Costco on Saturdays- he said it tasted like butt, in case you were wondering- but I digress) we decided to keep Brendan up late and head over to the Marriott center with Angela and Jandon.

We had a lot of fun and we even all got a free BYU t-shirt. Too bad they were all size XL.
The sea of the white shirts in the student section. They stood for most of the game- there is no way I was doing that.

Brendan liked it for the most part. He cried quite a bit when they turned the lights down and had the players run out onto the court. I think it was a combination of too many flashing lights, horrible music, really loud clapping and whistling, and being up too late. But after that, he was happy to be there and loved the attention from everyone around him.

He'll be a Cougar fan for sure!

Can you hear me now?

Brendan's latest fascination is now the phone. He loves it when someone is actually on the other end of the phone but even when there isn't, he still loves to play with it.

This is him crawling around with it- he was sure not to let it go or else he knew I'd snatch it and put it up where he can't get it.

I'm starting to worry that all his drool is going to short it out but it hasn't happened yet so until then...

Monday, November 12, 2007

Freedom Fries

Brendan has become increasingly interested (read obsessed here) with our food lately. Everytime we eat, he stares at it while reaching out his little hands and grunted for it. So of course, I almost always cave and let him try what I'm having. Tonight was no exception. For our FHE treat today, I decided that we should splurge on McDonalds french fries and icecream cones (which are about the only things I'll eat from the Golden Arches anymore). Brendan couldn't stand that we were eating without him so he had to try a french fry- his first ever.

His response was typical- he pulls a completely disgusted face for a brief moment before shoving the rest of the fry in his mouth. He had a good time devouring about 2 or 3 fries. Chris finally put an end to our fun and cut him off- I probably would have let him eat my hold container. :)

But who can blame me? With a face like that, I'm completely powerless to say no.

Thursday, November 8, 2007


I just wanted to show off my adorable little niece again, and also my skills. I made this announcement, along with a couple others, for my sister to send out as Mary's birth announcements. Isn't she cute!? Steph didn't decide to use this one, so if you're lucky you'll be seeing the chosen one fairly soon!

A day in Logan

This past Sunday, the Near clan got to gather together for a very special baby blessing. Marissa was as sweet as could be in her adorable white dress and even cuter dress shoes- sorry for the lack of photos. By the time I remembered the camera, she was already undress and napping soundly. It must have been all that tempting food that Carrie had for us that distracted me!

She really is just a sweet, sweet baby. The only time I heard her fuss was when she was hungry. After that, she was the perfect baby. I miss those days.

Mine, on the other hand, was into everything- of course. He loved the stairs and his new found ability to climb them. The only problem was he didn't get how to come down. He'd climb up a few and then try to turn around to look at you, as if to say "see how great I am!" but it would only result in him almost tumbling down face first. Luckily, Chris was on him like a hawk and that didn't happen.

There are Chris' hands, making sure Brendan didn't fall.

It really was cool though to watch him. He's so grown up. Where did my baby go?

Brendan also loved playing with Leila and Spencer, as always. I'm glad that those two are tough and can hang with him. Brendan likes to play rough. You know the kind- pushing, hair pulling, stealing toys and then sticking them in his mouth, wiping slobber on you, etc etc. He's lucky to have two great cousins who don't mind him getting into all their stuff!

Thanks for the great time, Gilchrist's! Thumbs up all around!

Friday, November 2, 2007

New shoes

Check out Brendan's new shoes! I just couldn't resist and finally broke down and bought him a pair of checkered Van's. I think they are so cute on him!

Brendan also loved them and wore them the very next day, when he proceeded to loose one while we were out and about- or so I thought. After searching the store for about 20 minutes, I gave up and scolded myself for being so frivilous. I should have known better- but when I went to put him in the car seat, there it was. The missing shoe was sitting nicely in the back seat. He must have kicked it off before we even got to the store and I didn't even notice.

How could you not love these shoes? The best part is that they are really soft and flexible- which is really great since he is starting to move around so much more (could walking be in the near future?). But I think next time I'll keep a better eye on them, just in case.