Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Lubniewski's visit Utah! (some of them anyways)

I noticed just now that for some unknown reason, Blogger cut off my last post but I'm too lazy to fix it. Don't worry, all the pictures made it through- just not what I had typed. Oh well, you're probably not missing much.

Last weekend my parents came out to visit us and to see our new house, and it was pure bliss for me! I miss them and wish we were closer but I'm so grateful that they flew out to see us and got to spend time with the boys.

I snapped a few pictures outside on our porch after dinner one night and I love how they turned out.

Brendan and his Grandma have a special bond and I just love seeing them together.

Alex is definitely a Grandpa boy! If Grandpa was ever out of sight, you could count on hearing Alex asking "Where Grandpa? Where Grandpa?" over and over until he found him.

This boy and his dimples! They kill me. Seriously, he's quite the naughty boy but he just looks at me and smiles with those dimples and my heart melts and he gets out of trouble. He knows how to work it.

The boys went through serious withdrawals after they left and Brendan shed some big tears. He's my sensitive guy and he definitely loves having family around so he felt their absence strongly. Come back soon, Grandpa and Grandma!