Thursday, June 6, 2013

This is it

Today was the kindergarten graduation program at Brendan's school. It's a miracle I didn't cry.

They put on the cutest program where they sang songs and talked about all they learned. They even had a short video presentation about what they wanted to be when they grow up and it was the sweetest and funniest thing I've ever seen.

Brendan was front and center for the program, which was awesome and we got quite a few laughs over the faces he was making and the funny body movements he was doing (like lifting his shirt up and shrugging his shoulders in beat with the songs). I'm glad we could actually see all that.

We said goodbye to the world's best kindergarten teacher though, which did make me a little sad. Brendan has loved Mrs. Lo and I've really appreciated all her hard work and patience with my son. Alex loves "Mrs. Mo" too and was so excited that he got to see her again. I'm sad that we won't be at this school next year but so very grateful that our first experience was a good one.

In honor of the last day of school, I made a special cake for Brendan using my favorite cake recipe. And I recently made my own buttercream frosting with great success so I thought this time I'd try chocolate buttercream and I liked it even more. I never understood the appeal of frosting until I made my own. The first lick I took of it made me sigh in appreciation. So good.

And where there's frosting and there's a dirty Alex. Of course.

It was a fun way to end a big day in Brendan's life and I'm super excited for the summer to begin! And I'm glad I actually remembered my camera so I have photo documentation of it too. :)

We're officially in our new house and hopefully I'll have time to take photos and blog about it but things have been absolutely c-r-a-z-y around here this past week. I'm definitely ready for things to slow down a little bit so we can enjoy this new phase of our lives in this house.