Tuesday, August 28, 2007

New toys for Brendan

Last week, we got Brendan some new toys since it seemed like he tired of his newborn and stuffed toys quickly. Luckily his new drum and tower of rings seems to occupy him for longer periods of time and he especially loves to suck on the drumsticks. Chris also enjoys the drum just as much as Brendan.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Too many pictures to choose from!

We had such a good time with my parents this weekend- I wish it could have been a week instead of just a few days! Brendan loved all the attention and new goodies that Grandma and Grandpa L gave him. He is so sad that they left- who will let him stay up past his bedtime now?

I thought the best thing to do would be to post some adorable pictures from their visit instead of me rambling on and on. So with no further ado....

One of Brendan's many adorable faces.

Brendan in his new winter hat and blowing raspberries.

An excited baby after bathtime.

Playing at the park with the grandparents.

A bottle from Grandma is always better.

I seriously love this photo. He was trying to crawl in the grasss- he's soooo close.

Being fed peaches by his grandma.

Viva Argentina

While in Argentina this summer, my mom found this adorable little soccer jersey for Brendan and it was a perfect fit. He was proud to sport his Argentina Pride!

My mom and sister also made delicious empanadas for all of us to enjoy.
Brendan also wanted to eat one but he had to settle for peaches instead.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Brendan and his spoon

These days, Brendan cannot be separated from his spoon. Every time we try to feed him his rice cereal or baby food, he screams because he just wants to hold the spoon and chew on it. I've tried letting hold another spoon while feeding him, but he's not easily tricked; he must have both spoons then. Plus, he's too busy chewing on the spoon for me to be able to get any food in his mouth.

But the good thing is, his spoon calms him down almost immediately. We now take one wherever we go!

I love my feet!

Brendan still loves to eat his feet and it never fails to amaze me how flexible this little guy is! I crack up every time.

Monday, August 6, 2007

An adventure in teething

Since Brendan is teething, everything goes in his mouth. He has now discovered that he can bite with his teeth, as well as learning that he can bite and pull the object at the same time. All this makes for some nasty finger bites! Yesterday in church I had two adorable yet painful teeth marks on my finger for quite a while. Luckily, he chews on other objects most of the time.

Brendan loves to bite on the back of his pacifier. As soon as I put it in his mouth, he pops it out so he can nibble on the plastic.

His bath sponge is still a favorite as well but unfortunately, I think he loves it a little too much. After every bath, he screams until we give it back to him and proceeds to hold on for dear life until we bribe him with a bottle. I really do have to pry his little fingers off from around it.

I probably shouldn't let him chew on this considering all the germs that are most likely multiplying in it but it's just too hard to resist this adorable kid. Can you blame me?

We've been Simpsonized!

What Chris and I would look like as Simpson's characters.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

You say goodbye, I say hello!

It's officially- we've finally moved, which explains the hiatus. We've been crazily busy trying to finish packing, cleaning, moving and now unpacking. It's a little overwhelming with all these boxes scattered around our new place but it's also exciting. We've been working hard and things are finally starting to look normal around here. I do have to give a big shout-out to John, Jandon, Angela and Steph for helping with the big move. We couldn't have done it without you! Also a big thanks to Chris' Guatamelan friend who happened be riding his bike by our new place as we were unloading the truck for the last time and stopped to help us. It was so nice I couldn't say thank you enough. And he had only met Chris once before... at a garage sale of all places and he was still kind enough to help us.
I promise more pictures soon. My camera has been quite neglected lately- even Chris noticed the absence. So new pictures of Brendan coming soon. I swear he gets cuter everyday.