Saturday, December 15, 2012

Yet another video but this one is REALLY special. Seriously.

This past Thursday, I came home from book club and my husband said he had a surprise for me and then played me a song he had recorded. This wouldn't have been the first time Chris has written me a song but I wasn't ready for how awesome this song is. See, it wasn't a song that Chris wrote me- it was a song that Brendan made up and sang all by himself. And even though it was for his BFF Josh who is back in Virginia, my heart still melted. So I'm sharing it here since it was too awesome not to. I made a little picture slideshow to go along with the song and I think it captures what a special bond these two boys have.

Best Buddies from Valerie Near on Vimeo.

It was the sweetest, cutest, most amazing song I've ever heard. I love his "la-la-la"s and how he changes things up to match the pre-recorded music track that he selected. I laughed so hard that I was crying. Part of my tears were from how innocent and adorable he is and how cute his sweet little voice is. Part of them were from just how funny some parts are (Coming back to 'Ginia!). And a good part were from being heartbroken that he still misses his best friend so much. He's been asking a lot lately again if when it's summer, we can move back to Virginia (or as he calls it, "Buh-ginia"). He asks about Josh and if we can go to the beach again with him (heck yes! We'll make that happen.), he'll randomly talk about how he and Josh used to play at our old house, and even Alex still gets excited when he hears his name and shouts "Josh!". It makes me so sad to think that even though Brendan has made a lot of new friends here in Utah, that he still misses his best buddy like there's a big hole in his life. There's just no one who can replace Josh.

Josh was the first one to befriend Brendan when we first moved to Virginia, and it was so special to me because Brendan still wasn't really speaking and when he did it was very difficult to understand him and to know what he was saying. I was so worried that he wouldn't be able to play well with the other kids because of that and that no one would "get" Brendan. But Josh did from the very start and they were inseparable from then on. So not only does Brendan miss Josh but so do I. I love that boy not only because he's a great kid but also because he was so awesome to my son and loved him despite his differences. So don't worry, Brendan. You two will see each other again (it doesn't hurt that Josh has some awesome parents that I really miss too).

I hope you guys enjoyed the song as much as I did.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

I can't resist

Had to share another video, this one of Alex talking about school. He loves going to pick Brendan up from school and lately has to wear a backpack too every time we go. This is from a few days ago as we were getting ready to head out to pick Brendan up.

Alex loves school from Valerie Near on Vimeo.

Favorite part- those dimples when he smiles. Also, we he gets frustrated after 1 second of trying to put the backpack on by himself. Love this boy!