Tuesday, June 12, 2012

We're here!

Well, we're in Utah. Unfortunately, all of our stuff is still on a moving van somewhere so we're living very simply right now. It's been fun to explore the area that we're living in (I have to say that I like Draper quite a bit) and eat some yummy food that I've been missing for the last four years but I can't wait for our stuff to get here so we can settle in and have this place start to feel like home.

It's a little weird being back in Utah, I won't lie. It's all so familiar but different. It's hard not knowing anyone and being the new family again. I hate this part of moving. But Utah is beautiful and I'm loving all the amazing scenery. I had forgotten how beautiful the mountains are- especially right now while they're still green. All I want to do is take pictures of them but sadly, my camera battery charger has gone missing (I'm guessing thanks to a small munchkin who likes to grab things and throw them away) and I'm without a camera right now. I'm hoping I'll find it while unpacking but I have a bad feeling that it's long gone. Oh, Alex.

So since I have no new photos to share, I thought I'd put up some old ones that I never got around to sharing on the blog.

Alex is my little monkey. He loves to climb and swing on things and one of his favorite things to do at our place in Virginia was open the big drawer and swing from it.

 It's a miracle he didn't break the drawer and it was a battle everyday to get him to not swing from the drawer.

So that's about it... hopefully we'll have more to share soon and hopefully our stuff gets here quickly! I might go insane if it doesn't.