Thursday, February 27, 2014

It's been a (long) while

I thought I should post something since this space has been neglected for far too long so here's a nice photo dump for those who might still manage to look at this blog.

Alex turned three! (all the way back in September)

Halloween happened. The boys were Jedi's and I managed to make their costumes (and their trick-or-treat bags) from scratch. I don't know if I'd undertake this again- it was a lot of work and their robes ended up covering up everything else.

We took photobooth with Halloween props for playgroup and this kid was adorable.

Christmas came and went in a blur.

This gem was courtesy of our church Christmas party. I laughed so hard when I saw it.

Alex found a girl friend- (this was totally staged but still the cutest thing I've ever seen!).

And a new best friend- (I love this picture so much). It was only natural that these two loved playing together since their moms are BFF's!

Chris and John rocked an original song for their dad's 60th birthday.

 And we all had a big celebration for Grandpa. You only turn 60 once!

Brendan turned 7! And I tried my hardest not to cry about it but I hate how fast he is growing up. He's so big! For his birthday dinner, he requested Chuck-A-Rama so we obliged him and had a giant feast there.

This big kid lost his first tooth this past week! He has been scared to death about this but it turned out to be a very undramatic event. He lost it at some point during school- he doesn't know when or how it happened because he never felt it fall out. Ha!

And I chopped off all my hair. I needed a change and it feels so good!

So that's about it, in a nutshell. Maybe I'll be a more regular blogger? Only time will tell.


  1. Que hermosos todos. I miss you!

  2. So now I have an updated need to keep yours updated so we can at least see how each other are doing (stalk each other?) Miss you Valerie!!